My name is Jason and I am a software developer in the Albuquerque area. For fun I like to hike, run, indoor rock climb, shoot some photos, and take advantage of the many other activities New Mexico state has to offer. To the right you will see my resume.

Recent Books
  • Head First Design Patterns
    Head First Design Patterns
    by Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra, Elisabeth Robson


  • More than ten years of experience
  • Broad, in-depth technical skill set
  • Professional experience working with hi-tech companies


  Operating Systems: Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/7, DOS, MacOS X, Linux, UNIX (IBM AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX)
  Languages: C#, Ruby, Java, C, C++ (native, managed, CLI), SQL, XML, HTML
  Scripts: Batch, PowerShell, Perl, Shell
  Automation Tools: WTT, MAUI, Mad Dog, ASI, TEF, DSBS
  Tools and Utilities: JIRA, DxStudio, Visual Studios 2005/2008/2010, Source Depot, ProductStudio, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, PoliCheck, VMware Fusion, Eclipse, JUnit 4, Git, Subversion (SVN), CoreXT, Report Server

Globys, Inc. – Seattle, WA
Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)
Client Delivery Team
March 2012 - Present

Lab Automation

  • Setup initial test lab.
  • Wrote and maintained lab automation components and framework.

Software Testing

  • Wrote and maintained testing tools that increased productivity.

Microsoft Corporation – Redmond, WA
Software Development Engineer in Test II (SDET II)
Windows Embedded Documentation Team
July 2010 - February 2012 (through Xtreme Consulting Group)
April 2009 - March 2010 (through Excell Data Corporation)

Software Development

  • Maintained existing tools and improved readability of source code.
  • Met with and wrote software requested by release managers, writers, and editors.

Lab Automation

  • Wrote and maintained batch scripts that are the foundation of the build automation.
  • Analyzed, diagnosed, and provided recommendations on performance issues.

System Administration

  • Recommended and implemented the use of CritFix on most servers reducing the amount of time used for keeping systems up to date on security patches.
  • Help administer SQL servers.
  • Wrote SQL queries to correct data inconsistencies in the DocStudio database.

Microsoft Corporation – Redmond, WA
Software Development Engineer in Test I (SDET I)
May 2007 - January 2009

Software Testing

  • Windows Identity Foundation – A programming framework for interoperable claims based authentication in accordance to the WS-Federation v1.1 specification. Released the product as a Customer Technology Preview (December 2007) and public beta releases as Microsoft Code Name “Zermatt” (July 2008) and as Microsoft “Geneva” Framework (October 2008).
  • Wrote tests using C# as a combination of console and ASP.NET web applications. Web controls testing – wrote automation to test the controls from end to end starting in Visual Studios to invoking in Internet Explorer. Information Card issuance – wrote automation to test the serialization\deserialization of Information Cards in accordance to the Identity Selector Interoperability Profile v1.5.

Lab Automation

  • Wrote tools in C# to help with the automation of tests in the lab environment.
  • Core member of a cross team committee to design and coordinate common lab automation efforts.
  • Setup workflows to automate imaging of machines and installing the proper features for running tests requiring no user interaction.

Customer Interaction

  • Posted detailed descriptions of framework features on the team’s blog.
  • Answered customer questions through product forums and emails sent to the support alias.

Analytical Methods, Inc. (AMI) – Redmond, WA
Information Systems Administrator
April 2004 - May 2007

Software Developer

  • Developed and maintained Macrovision’s FlexNET and ELAN license manager enabled libraries and DLLs for use by other AMI developers that were easily interfaced and secure to prevent software piracy.
  • Developed and maintained license key generators in Qt (for Linux) and Windows, which increased the ease of creating software keys while eliminating most common mistakes that occur while using the previous text based key generation systems.
  • Developed and maintained license manager interfaces for customer use.

Software Distribution and Licensing

  • Initiated the new layout and installation scripts of the new AMI distribution CD containing software used by customers worldwide.
  • Wrote documentation to walk users through the installation of AMI software on Windows and UNIX.
  • Troubleshot customer issues with software and license management mechanisms.
  • Traveled to customers to provide onsite installation and support of AMI products.

Systems Administrator

  • Administrated and maintained the network and computer systems consisting of AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, OS\F, SunOS, and Windows 2K\XP.
  • Supported Apache, SVN source control, MySQL, NFS, SAMBA, NIS, ELM, FlexNET, OpenLDAP, and BRU servers.
  • Provided stable computer hardware to address users’ needs.

MSU Physical Plant – Data Processing – East Lansing, MI
Computer Systems Analyst Level 4
April 2000 - November 2003

  • Administrated and maintained a computer network with over 250 PCs and supervised 4 other student employees.
  • Assisted users through troubleshooting a variety of software packages.
  • Designed applications to increase productivity for routine processes and maintenance.
  • Wrote technical documentation for several software packages and procedures.

Student Supervisor

  • Trained incoming student technicians.
  • Supervised, distributed, and coordinated tasks among a team of student employees.
  • Advised co-workers on how to approach a problem and how to implement possible solutions.


  • MSU Student Employee of the Year Finalist for 2002 – this placed me as one of the top 15 student employees of the 8,500 working in 2002.

Certificate – Ruby on Rails
University of Washington (UW) – Seattle, WA

Certificate – Java Programming
University of Washington (UW) – Seattle, WA

Bachelor of Science – Computer Engineering
Michigan State University (MSU) – East Lansing, MI

Senior Project: Head programmer and search algorithm designer for a team of 5 building an autonomous “mine sweeping” robot that searched for mines represented by magnets in a marked off 4’ x 4’ square. When a magnet was discovered the robot would signal its presence by sounding an alarm and blinking an LED. My group designed and built the sensors used to detect the magnets and boundaries. The PIC microcontroller that controlled all motor functions, search algorithm, and processed the sensorial information was programmed in C. You can watch video here and here.


Click here to download my resume as a PDF.